Division of Social and Economical Sciences

Division of Social and Economical Sciences

The head of division

Academician Mikhail Schelkunov.

Work in the division:
        Alexander Yakovenko ,
       Dzhavdet Suleymanov,
       Farid Mukhametshin,
       Ilshat Gafurov,
       Marat Safiullin
    Corresponding Members
       Anatoliy Krasnov,
       Fler Bagautdinov,
       Gaziz Mingaleev,
       Midkhat Farukshin,
       Salimzyan Sharipov,
       Sergey Kiselev ,
       Vadim Khomenko
   Honorary members
       Abdulkhan Akhtamzyan,
       Agdas Burganov,
       Ruslan Grinberg

There are three base subdivisions under the Division: Scientific Center of Advanced Economic Studies (CAES); Joint Research Institute of “Applied Semiotic”; Research Center on Family and Demography.

Philosophical and Methodological Center "Dynamism" is working in collaboration with the Division. The Institute for Pedagogies and Psychology of Professional Education (Russian Academy of Education) and Non-State Educational Establishment “Academy for Management (TISBI)” are under the guidance of the Division.

There are 7 scientific councils in the Division, working on a voluntary basis on: philosophy, sociology, political science, pedagogies, psychology, economics and jurisprudence.

The TAS scientists made significant contribution to the development of the program “Productive Power and Economics of Location in the Republic of Tatarstan in terms of the Cluster Approach” scheduled to 2020 and 2030. In developing the Program the economists collaborated closely with the Council for the Study of Productive Forces under the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Russia and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The long term draft program laid out with consideration for different scenario approaches is one of the first regional projects of this kind in Russia and is unique for Tatarstan.

New scientific trends of CAES are essential for the further successful socio-economic development of the republic. In accordance with the approaches of World Bank applied to assessing the development trends of economic systems CAES studied and analyzed the basic parameters of economic development of Tatarstan: incomes, employment, poverty, business climate and its determining factors. They gave general characteristics for the sectoral pattern of growth, estimated and predicted the development of industrial production, analyzed the investment flows, infrastructure and market growth restriction.

By request of the republican authorities the scientific center launched a number of sectoral programs and strategies for socio-economic development. They provided scientific support in designing the trajectory of the route for a new international motor transport corridor “Baltic-China”. The evaluation concepts of building the Russian part of the corridor “Saint Petersburg-Kazakhstan” was approved by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. The economists of the republic take an active part in the development of the project on creating the Volga Multimodal Logistic Center in Sviyazhsk which has federal importance.

They studied the efficiency of the republic authorities, the quality of life and public opinion on socio-economic reforms carried out in the republic, on the realization of the projects “Education” and “Health”, on the situation with corruption in Tatarstan, on the implementation of the demographic program of Tatarstan.

In the field of political studies the economists of the republic classified the kinds of ethno federation. They studied the peculiarities of different forms of the phenomenon. Among the legal projects they presented methods for calculating the extent of damage to the environment caused by the ecological offences.

The psychological and pedagogical trend of investigations was noted with creating the test linguistic processor of question-answer texts in Tatar with total localization of OS Windows Vista and its Office applications.

The economists carried out sociological and economic investigations on the draft strategies of socio-economic development: of Naberezhnye Chelny scheduled to 2015, Nizhnekamsk municipal district to 2012, Zelenodolsk municipal district to 2020.

Since 1994 the socio-pedagogical association of gifted children and youth “Selet” (endowments) has been working under the guidance and organizing management of the Division and it implements more than 20 projects annually.