Tatarstan has regained its leading position, which it was holding for three consecutive years until 2018

Tatarstan has regained its leading position, which it was holding for three consecutive years until 2018 18.06.2019

Best for business: Tatarstan tops regional investment climate rating, second only to Moscow Tatarstan has regained its leading position, which it was holding for three consecutive years until 2018

Tatarstan has climbed from the third to second position in the national ranking of 2019 by investment climate. Thus, the Republic of Tatarstan is ahead of all Russian regions in this indicator, not counting Moscow, which is the first. The third — Tyumen Oblast.

“High assessment”

Tatarstan once again has found itself among the leaders of the national rating on the investment climate in the regions — only Moscow is ahead of the republic. The data were presented on 7 June at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum at the session of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives. Tatarstan had headed the ASI rating for three years in a row until last year it went down to the third position, and now the region has regained its leadership.

Over the year, the republic has developed and begun the introduction of new practices and tools for the development of entrepreneurship. Some of them were noted by the president of the Republic of Tatarstan in his speech at the session of ASI devoted to the presentation of the results of the national rating. As the head of one of the leading regions, Rustam Minnikhanov speaks at it every year. The president noted the project on interaction between entrepreneurship and supervisory bodies “Proven business”, created in cooperation with the prosecutor's office of Tatarstan, the complex for promotion of small businesses — the exchange platform of the State Order Agency of the Republic of Tatarstan, the single window of financial institutions “My Business”.

Meanwhile, the top ten leaders of the rating this year are as follows: Moscow is the first for the first time, the second — Tatarstan, the third — Tyumen Oblast, the fourth — Kaluga, the fifth — St. Petersburg, then — Tula Oblast, Moscow Oblast, Belgorod Oblast, Leningrad Oblast, Ulyanovsk Oblast.

Sergey Sobyanin, the mayor of Moscow, speaking at the ASI session, noted that a comfortable urban environment comes to the fore in creating favourable conditions for business: “Business follows people, and people go where they feel comfortable. If earlier we believed that this is secondary to business, now we are sure — this is the most important thing.” Speaking about the leadership of the capital of the country, he modestly noted: “It is impossible to do something become the first, it is a huge mechanism!” рейтинг2.jpg

“We look at the leaders for each position and set the task that we were not worse,” Rustam Mnnikhanov also commented on the results of the rating and congratulated Sobyanin. “We have more than 90,000 applications from businesses for 1,5 years. We are working with them. The entrepreneur should find a market. To do this, we have an exchange platform where we conduct seminars: where and how business can go. Finally, access to finance is important: we have a ‘single window.”

Separately, the president of Tatarstan noted the importance of training of personnel — representatives of working professions, reminding that there are 31 resource centres in Tatarstan.

The president of Tatarstan thanked the ASI and the expert community for constant interaction with the republic and the positive assessment of the work to improve the investment attractiveness of the region.

In conclusion, Minnikhanov invited all those present in Kazan to WorldSkills international championship in August.

Let us remind, a year ago, the rating was headed by Tyumen Oblast, rising by as much as five positions, the former head of which Vladimir Yakushev was appointed by the federal minister for construction and housing. Moscow then moved from third to the second position, and Tatarstan for the first time since 2015 had given way to the leader, round out the top three winners.

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