science day

Every year on February 8 the scientific community in Russia celebrates its professional holiday - the Day of Russian Science, established by presidential decree in 1999. The Tatarstan Academy of Sciences traditionally celebrates this day with a celebratory event in Great hall of the Academy. 

In the opening speech of the solemn meeting the president of the Academy of Sciences Myakzyum Salakhov outlined the role of science as an indicator of national culture and the basic state development policy and that a key role in achieving a sustainable future of our country should play Russian fundamental science, both in natural and humanitarian fields of knowledge. 

Traditionally, the celebration of the Day of Science began with a lecture. This year a speech was delivered by the newly elected member of the Academy, cardiologist A.S. Galyavich. The theme of his speech - "Cardiology in the XXI century: achievements and prospects" has caused genuine interest of the audience. 

There were also awarded diplomas to the newly elected members of the Academy, state awards and grants for young scientists.

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