Archaeological studies on the Narovchat settlement in the Penza region


At the end of June-July 2023 the Institute of Archaeology named after A.Kh. Khalikov of the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences jointly with the Institute for Regional Development of the Penza region with the participation of students of the Penza State University named after V.G. Belinsky and assistance of the administrations of the village of Narovchat and the Narovchat district held archaeological studies on the Narovchat settlement (Golden Horde settlement of Mukhsha ) in the Penza region.

Mohsha was founded, according to numismatic data, at the beginning of the XIV century in the region, settled by Burtas, Bolgars and Mordva. During the reign of Uzbek Khan, the khan’s headquarters was moved here and the urban settlement became the administrative center of the Golden Horde, having significantly increased in size. Mohsha was functioned until the second half of the XIV century and after the collapse of the Golden Horde ceased its existence.

The studies were carried out within the framework of the State program of the Republic of Tatarstan “Preservation of the national identity of the Tatar people (2020-2025)”. 256-square meter excavation was laid out in the southwestern part of the Narovchat settlement, in the area, where geophysical surveys were conducted in 2021. The excavation revealed a subrectangular-shaped structure made of raw brick. It was probably a bath-house. A furnace chamber made of burned bricks was found in the northern part of the structure. Finds from the excavation are represented by pottery of the Golden Horde period, items made of iron, green glazed ware, as well as numismatic material of the XIV century.


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