Rustam Minnikhanov meets representatives of Tatar scientific, pedagogical and creative community


On 26 April the Rais (Head) of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov had a meeting with representatives of Tatar scientific, pedagogical and creative community in the Kazan Kremlin.

Before the meeting the Rais of the republic visited the Center of Written Heritage Mirashane and got acquainted with projects of rising awareness about handwritten heritage of Turkic-Tatar people. In particular, he was shown unique software for transliteration of printed Arabic texts in Old Tatar language into the modern Tatar Cyrillic alphabet.

Welcoming participants of the meeting, Rustam Minnikhanov congratulated them with the Day of the Mother Tongue and the 137th birthday of the great Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukay, stating that the republic attaches great attention to preservation of Tatar language and national traditions and culture. He said that much work in this sphere is done by a special commission headed by the Deputy Chairman of the regional State Council Marat Akhmetov. “In your turn you also make a big contribution into preservation of history of the Tatars and their rich heritage. I highly appreciate this,” Rustam Minnikhanov said.

During the meeting representatives of Tatar clerisy voiced a number of their proposals, including publication of the Corpus of Tatar Poetry, preservation of Tatar national costume and opening of an interactive museum dedicated to outstanding Tatar scientists.

“Thank you very much for this meeting. We fully support all your ideas and initiatives. They are all feasible and very important. I hope we will continue close work with you”, - Rustam Minnikhanov concluded.

News from The Press Office of the Rais of Tatarstan

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