At the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences was held annual meeting of academics of Tatarstan on Russian Science Day on 8 February

At the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences was held annual meeting of academics of Tatarstan on Russian Science Day on 8 February 13.02.2023

On 8 February Rustam Minnikhanov, the State Counselor of the republic Mintimer Shaimiev, the President of Tatarstan Academy of Sciences Makzyum Salakhov and other officials took part in a ceremonial meeting dedicated to the Day of Russian Science held at the Tatarstan Academy of Sciences.

Prior to the meeting, the guests walked round an exposition organized by the State Service of Cultural Heritage of Tatarstan and the Tatars, the Institute of Applied Semiotics, the University of Talents and other institutions.


Congratulating scientists, faculty members and other researchers with their holiday, Russian Minister of Education and Science Valeriy Falkov said in his telegram: “Russia must stay on the forefront of science and be in line with international technological trends as this provides scientific and technological independence of the country and its competitiveness. It is the integration of obtaining new knowledge and technologies, developing infrastructure and attracting talented youth to science that is the foundation for achievement of national goals of development of Russia till 2030”.


In his turn Rustam Minnikhanov said that the Day of Science has a special meaning for Tatarstan as “current generation of scientists is continuing work of their predecessors. Our republic ranks the 5th in the National Ranking of scientific and technological development of entities of the federation. And this is due to 13 000 scientists working in the republic”.

He informed that Tatarstan traditionally attaches great attention to training highly qualified specialists and said: “The share of young scientists among the total number of researchers is much higher than the average in the country. The republic is the second among other entities in the number of winners of the All-Russia competition “The Student’s startup.”

He continued by saying: “The situation of the main funds of science alongside with the human capital influences the productivity of research and development and the leading scientific and educational institutions of the republic have ramped up their processes of renovation of their instrumental stock, with the programme of strategic academic leadership “Priority-2030” playing an important role in this. As a result of five universities of the republic having confirmed this high status in the end of the last year, expenses of Tatarstan on scientific work for the first time have exceeded 20bn rubles”.

In conclusion the Rais of the republic congratulated all participants of the meeting with their professional holiday and handed in state awards for scientific and technical achievements in 2022. 


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