University plans to develop quantum technology with local partners

University plans to develop quantum technology with local partners 07.07.2022

Chair of the Department of Quantum Optics Technology, Chairman of the Kazan Research Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexey Kalachev, who was recently elected corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, talks about prospects in his field for both seasoned professionals and students.

The researcher first shared his impressions from the bestowed title, “This election is a great honor for me. This title is a steppingstone towards full membership in the Academy. I hope to promote quantum technology in this new status both at the Kazan Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Kazan Federal University. In early 2022, we established this new department of quantum optics technology, and it was a lucky coincidence with my new status as a corresponding member of RAS.”

The Department of Quantum Optics Technology serves as a joint department with Kazan Physical-Technical Institute (KPTI), says he, “This means that students write their theses while working at KPTI. One of the goals of the Department is to utilize KPTI’s resources and to prepare graduates for further employment there. KPTI is one of the primary employers for the Institute of Physics’ students.”

KPTI strives to create favorable conditions for young scientists – it currently has eight youth laboratories, open both for fresh graduates and senior students. One of them is the Youth Laboratory of Quantum Optics Technology.

One of KFU employees, Professor Farid Ablaev, is engaged in research of quantum communication protocols and hash function calculations. KPTI conducts experiments based on Professor Ablaev’s and his students’ publications. The research can be used for quantum digital signatures and identification systems based on new physical principles.

Dr. Kalachev opines that significant practical results are due to arrive soon.

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