Russian-Tatar Socio-Political Thesaurus

Russian-Tatar socio-political thesaurus

The Russian-Tatar thesaurus is developed in the format of Russian RuThes thesaurus as a hierarchy of concepts. Each concept is linked with a set of language expressions (words and collocations) referring to it in texts (text entries). Socio-political vocabulary designates phenomena of social and political life and reflects basic topics raised in the society as well as its values. Being extremely sensitive to all kinds of innovations, socio-political vocabulary undergoes unceasing changes – new lexical items emerge while others become outdated relatively quickly.

The Tatar part of the Thesaurus is mainly being compiled by manually translating Russian terms represented in Russian RuThes, into Tatar. Also, the Tatar language specific concepts and their lexical entries are added, so each part of the Thesaurus – the Russian and the Tatar one – represents a unique language-internal system of lexicalizations. At the same time the languages are interconnected so that it is possible to go from the concepts and words in one language to corresponding items in the other.

The project of developing the Russian-Tatar socio-political thesaurus is aimed at compiling the whole body of modern Tatar vocabulary related to the following basic domains: state government, economy, social life, justice, warfare, culture, religion; all of these items have Russian equivalents (correspondences) and are represented at conceptual and lexical entries levels that are hierarchically arranged.

Currently the Russian-Tatar socio-political thesaurus includes 10,000 concepts, while new concepts and text entries are being constantly added to it.

The project was funded by Russian Science Foundation, research project № 16-18-02074.