Electronic atlas of Tatar folk dialects

Electronic atlas of Tatar folk dialects
Link: atlas.antat.ru

The atlas of Tatar folk dialects includes all of the main Tatar settlement areas and reflects information on phonetics, morphology, vocabulary and syntax of the Tatar language collected in 28 regions of Russia based on a specially developed program for collecting materials for the dialectological atlas (1959)

The database of the electronic atlas contains an attribute part in which information is presented on the distribution of the values of 215 language phenomena in 1047 settlements, and a cartographic part. Maps show the features of Tatar dialects in the sections of phonetics (68 maps), morphology (49 maps), vocabulary (93 maps) and syntax (5 maps). The atlas maps provide information on the distribution of dialects and dialects in selected locations (not available in the book version).

A system of typical queries of a statistical nature to the database was Implemented. The atlas includes an extensive bibliography on dialects of the Tatar language (more than 1000 titles). The system for obtaining additional information on settlements of the atlas using the Internet was Implemented.

The release of the electronic version of the atlas is a new stage in the presentation of dialectic knowledge of the Tatar language based on geographic information systems. The electronic presentation method allows the user to control the type of visualized information, to obtain additional information about the objects located on the atlas maps, to use search tools, to dynamically adjust all changes in the composition of the atlas.